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New Flesh Burlesque at The House of Wax

PRODUCERS: Mary Cyn and Clara Coquette

SHOW: New Flesh Burlesque at the House of Wax

DATE: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday, starting April 25, 2019.

LOCATION: House of Wax, 445 Albee Square W #4410, Brooklyn, NY 11201

TICKETS: Complimentary Admission


From the diabolical minds that brought you The Persistence of Nudity and Original Cyn, comes a strange and delightful burlesque show set in Brooklyn’s spookiest bar.  New Flesh Burlesque is a new twice a month show from producers Clara Coquette and Mary Cyn set inside the gorgeous and intriguing House of Wax bar.

Veteran burlesque performers Clara Coquette and Mary Cyn fell in love with House of Wax’s collection of death masks, anatomical models, and disease specimens. This rich atmosphere inspired them to combine their love of history, horror, oddities and cult films into a tantalizing, comedic, and outrageous burlesque and variety show with a rotating cast of performers.  Sip a craft cocktail and pose with our infamous wax specimens while you watch New York’s hottest burlesque performers strip down in the strangest of ways.  

New Flesh Burlesque takes place at 9pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at the House of Wax in Downtown Brooklyn, presented by producers Mary Cyn and Clara Coquette.  Join us for a night of exciting entertainment and long live the New Flesh!

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